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And I'll Show You the SECRET "BRAIN HACKS"
That Can INSTANTLY ACTIVATE Your Hidden Genius
(Or Make You LOOK Like a Genius To Absolutely Anyone!)

Influence People – Secret Math Skills – Speed Reading – Shakespeare Bluffs –
Genius Head Swapping – NLP and Charisma – Boost your Vocabulary!

Dear Friend

Imagine if you could press a button and activate your HIDDEN GENIUS.

That's all you had to do.

Press a single button and your true inner Einstein would be ACTIVATED.

Can you imagine how powerful that would be?

And imagine if you ALSO had a bundle of "BRAIN HACKS" up your sleeve... Sneaky little tricks that would enable you to SOUND like a genius to absolutely ANYONE - without ANY effort whatsoever!

Just apply one of these "brain hacks" and INSTANTLY begin discussing Shakespeare, or performing complex calculations, or speed-reading books at a staggering rate.

It'd be like "THE MATRIX"...

You simply press a button and your mind is PROGRAMMED with amazing new skills and talents.

Well, what if that were possible?

And what if you could just "SWITCH ON" your charisma, like James Bond?

Imagine suddenly becoming the life of the party. Imagine being able to persuade individuals to do exactly what you want them do. Imagine being able to read their body language like a pro.


I'm about to show you how to become a GENIUS.

I'll show you how to activate your inner Einstein, using a couple of "brain hacks". I'll show a couple of bluffing tricks that will make you appear like a super genius to your friends. I'll show you how to influence ANYBODY, using a few simple psychological tricks.

Ready for it?

Just read on to learn more...

“If you want to develop your genius, then listen to Michael Masterman. He'll show you the SECRET BRAIN HACKS you need to instantly become a quick-thinker, and impress ALL of your friends. I'm amazed. You will be too!!”

Bradley Thompson, best-selling self-help author

"I've Trained Special Government Agencies & Universities.
Now Discover the SECRET BRAIN HACKS That Can Activate
YOUR Inner Genius in Just SIXTY SECONDS FLAT..."

I’m Michael Masterman – and I’d like to welcome you to my site!

Over the past 26 years, I’ve helped develop and teach some of the most advanced accelerated learning material ever created.

I’ve created programs that could teach Government agencies to speak a foreign languages fluently – in under a week (yes, ONE week!). I’ve shown universities and university students how to cram five years of study into one six month period (stress-free, too).

I’ve even written many best-selling books for accelerated learning and self-development, such as The Speed Reading Secret, and The Secrets of REAL Hypnosis. I've also helped create powerful mind software tools, such as the Motivator software.

YES - I’ve dedicated my LIFE to discovering the SECRETS of the MIND.

And you know what I’ve discovered?


You simply need to know about a HANDFUL of SECRETS.

I’m talking about secrets that will either:

  1. Activate your hidden genius with COMPLETE and UTTER EASE; or
  2. Make you SEEM like a super-intelligent, well-read GENIUS (without all the hard work!)

No kidding.

Take my “Genius Head Swapping” technique, for example.

This secret method enables you to INSTANTLY tap into BOUNDS of undiscovered CREATIVITY, awesome IDEAS and earth-shattering INSIGHTS – just like Einstein and Da Vinci!


Or how about the “Digitalization Technique” for REALLY understanding numbers?

Get this right and you’ll be able to rapidly figure out even the most COMPLEX mathematical equations in your head...


These are the secret tricks they NEVER teach you in school. Or college. Or university.

They're "BRAIN HACKS" - And over the past 25 years, I've discovered the MOST POWERFUL secrets you'll ever encounter to help you...

– impress your friends with a whole host of powerful and descriptive words!
Get into “The Zone” and Peak Performance, ON DEMAND!
– instantly get into the flow state, and activate super-fast learning
Develop an Ultra-Magnetic CHARISMA!
– make people instantly like you, and become the center of every party
– tap into an endless reservoir of creativity and solutions, time and time again
– speed read through a couple of full-length books during your lunch break
Bluff Your Way Talking About SHAKESPEARE
– or science, or classical music, or ANY OTHER TOPIC, without getting caught!
Persuade ANYONE to Do ANYTHING You Want!
– using smart, powerful mind techniques employed by geniuses the world over
Feel Smart and CLEVER... Rather Than "Dumb" or Lacking Knowledge
sound like an expert on ANY topic, after researching for just 5 minutes!
Now, let me be honest...

Some of these tricks will astound you. They’ll open your mind – and help you tap into your true, inner genius. Honestly, you'll be amazed.

But some of the "Brain Hacks"... They're just PLAIN SNEAKY!

I'm talking about QUICK BLUFFING TRICKS that will enable ANYONE to appear like a Shakespeare genius. Or the secret psychological tactic you can use to get ANYONE to agree with you, no matter what you want!

These are FANTASTIC METHODS which work TIME and TIME AGAIN. But they're SNEAKY!  ;)

However, the best geniuses in the world are SMART ENOUGH to play on all levels.

And that includes YOU...


"Here's My Story: Bradley Thompson CONVINCED ME to
Publish My BRAIN HACK Secrets Into One Big Book...

For me, it all started one year ago...

I’d had a long meeting with self-development leader Bradley Thompson – and he was trying to convince me to put all of my secrets into one volume.

“These BRAIN HACKS are outstanding, Michael. You MUST share them with the world!” he said.

And so I began.

I put finger to keyboard – and began to compile the world’s FIRST EVER course on INSTANT GENIUS.

I’m talking about knowledge that EVERYONE should be given when they leave college. Knowledge that only someone spending a LIFETIME in personal development and human potential could acquire.

And I want to tell you something -

This was NO EASY TASK.

We’re talking about distilling over 25 years of of secrets, 25 years of LITTLE-KNOWN TRICKS and BRAIN HACKS – and compiling them into a special course that ANYONE can pick up and use.

I'm talking about tricks covering EVERY AREA of GENIUS...

... You see, some people would be reading the course because they wanted to hold intelligent conversations – about Shakespeare, or classical music.

... Some people would be reading the course because they wanted to tap into their limitless creativity, coming up with genius ideas, time and time again.

... Some people would be reading the course because they wanted to uncover the secrets to persuading others, and develop a super-magnetic charisma.


Now those are HIGH DEMANDS!

And that’s why this course took over TEN MONTHS to complete.

But finally, almost a year on, I've finished piecing together this powerful collection of genius secrets...

It's the ONLY course currently available on developing your true inner genius – using a combination of awesome mind-opening tricks -- alongside sneaky, devious brain power tactics.

AND NOW, for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER, the entire “instant genius” course has been released.

It's called...




So let me ask a question...

How would YOU like to begin discovering the secret tricks and techniques for developing a total genius mindset – with absolutely NO EFFORT whatsoever?

I challenge you to read through this book JUST ONCE and NOT be AMAZED at how it'll change your life.

It's worth it's weight in gold TEN TIMES OVER.

So... Want a SNEAK PREVIEW of what's inside?

“From understanding body language to learning how to speed read, getting in the 'Zone' or improving your memory, this guide covers everything you need to know to boost your brain power the easy way. Would I recommend it? You bet I would! If learning really is supposed to be fun, then this is the way everyone should go about it.”

- Mel McIntyre, world-leading copywriting guru 

"Want to Discover These BRAIN HACKS for Yourself?"
Here's a SNEAK PREVIEW of What You'll Find INSIDE
The CHEAT'S GUIDE to Instant Genius!

So – Are YOU ready to begin tapping into your inner genius?

Remember, this course literally offers you EVERYTHING you need to begin uncovering the genius you naturally are.

AND it gives you all of the "BRAIN HACKS" and DIRTY TRICKS you need to bluff your way through all of those “awkward” situations too!

So let's take a SNEAK PREVIEW of what you'll discover inside this NEW ground-breaking course...

How Science Measures INTELLIGENCE - And why your IQ score is probably WRONG!
The 7 SECRET Intelligence Indicators - And what they REALLY mean to you and your life!
The QUICK and SIMPLE "Brain Hack" That Will Get You Thinking Like a Genius - IN JUST 7 EASY STEPS!
"What Makes Einstein Different to You And Me?" - Science has proven the answer. Discover the difference, if any!
The REAL SECRET Behind "The Zone" - What "The Zone" REALLY IS, and why you absolutely MUST use it as much as you can. Forget everything you THINK you know about this topic!
Discover How to Get INTO "The Zone", ON DEMAND - It takes just FIVE MINUTES, when you follow this special exercise!
The FIVE STEPS to Winning ANY Game, Using This ZONE Secret!
Why Visualization is ESSENTIAL to Developing Your GENIUS - Even though it might not be the SORT of visualization you're used to!
The AWESOME "SWAPPING HEADS" Technique - It takes just TWO MINUTES to activate and will have you coming up with solutions like a TRUE GENIUS. This secret alone is worth TEN TIMES the price of the book!
The ADVANCED "Swapping Heads" Method That MOST People CANNOT Understand - Except you! We'll tell you EVERYTHING you need to know!
How to Use Your "Idle Daydreams" - to help create the most abundant future possible. Forget what "The Secret" told you... Here's the TRUTH!
Uncover Your GENUINE, PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY - Never forget anything every again. We'll show you everything you need to know!
Use this sneaky tricks to generate INSTANT GENIUS ANSWERS on any topic!
"CANCEL your THERAPIST!!" - Learn how you can get as much FREE psychological counseling as you like... From YOURSELF. This is one ADVANCED mind secret and works every time!
- Mind maps never really works for you? Forget Tony Buzan's approach...
10 UNWRITTEN mind mapping TRICKS – Written down for the first time EVER!
The 12-STEP TRICK for getting inside the head of ANY genius
Einstein, Da Vinci, Tiger Woods – Even Jim Carrey!
The ENGLISH SECRET They DON'T Teach You At School! - Understand the "heart" of the English language and liberate your VOCABULARY!
Discover how to understand ABSOLUTELY ANY WORD – Understand these simple word structures and know what ANY word means. No dictionary required!
DITCH your Thesaurus, BOOST your VOCABULARY – Make yourself sound super-smart! Discover the TOP "genius words" guaranteed to impress!
The Hidden MATH SECRET from the NUMBER DEVIL – Understand the underlying "secret" of mathematics and discover how EASY numbers really are!
Discover the ONE SECRET "CALCULATOR" You ALWAYS Carry With You
– We'll show you EXACTLY how to use it to figure out even the most COMPLEX math problems, in seconds!
DOZENS and DOZENS of AWESOME MATH TRICKS... For complex addition, subtraction multiplication, division, and MANY MORE math tricks!
Become a WALKING, TALKING HUMAN CALCULATOR – We'll show you how to beat the calculator in the most complex calculations, using these swift tricks...


Trust me on just one thing. We've not even covered a QUARTER of what you'll learn.

Your amazement will be QUADRUPLED by the time you’ve finished reading this letter...

“I'm not writing with a question, but to say thank you. Last night, for the first time ever, I used the (technique) method with amazing results. I instantly had a rush of ideas and came up with a fantastic solution for a major problem at work. I'll gain a $50k bonus out of this easily. And it's all thanks to you. THANK YOU!”

Jennifer Lansbury, dream analysis expert

That's Not All! Here Are EVEN MORE of the BRAIN SECRETS
You'll Find EXCLUSIVELY Unveiled Inside My
Brand NEW Guide,  "The Cheat's Guide to Instant Genius!"

So – You think that’s ALL?


Remember, this is the ULTIMATE course on developing your genius mindset. It uses cutting-edge brain power techniques and sneaky, little-known tricks – and it’s ALMOST 150 pages long!

So far, you’ve only seen a TINY SAMPLE of what’s inside the main course.


Inside it's pages, you'll ALSO uncover...

– These are NOT your usual Kevin Trudeau “master your memory” tricks!
How to GUARANTEE you NEVER forget your PIN number, EVER again!
– Incredibly simple, but rarely used!
The “MEMORY ZONE” – What it is and how to tap into it in 4 EASY STEPS!
The FIVE WAYS to build INSTANT RAPPORT with anyone! – This one is absolutely GUARANTEED to amaze you. Worth the price of the course 10x over!
The SECRETS of BODY LANGUAGE! – The secret signs to watch out for, and the little-known POWER behind the magical "8 Point Mirroring Method!"
The AWESOME “MAGIC CIRCLE” NLP TECHNIQUE – Learn this ONE TRICK and you’ll be able to perform ANY skill with TOTAL EASE and CONFIDENCE!
The “QUESTION MODEL” NLP TRICK! – Follow these SIMPLE STEPS and make powerful, positive change in your life - within just MINUTES!!
SIX STEPS for Overcoming PROCRASTINATION – Can't get started? Follow this powerful six step method and you'll be ready to rip!
Turn NEGATIVE BELIEFS into POSITIVE BELIEFS... Using the "Instant Superimposition Technique" (INCREDIBLY powerful, only used in elite NLP circles!)
How YOU Can Achieve Absolutely ANY GOAL... Just by following a SIMPLE 4-POINT PLAN that absolutely EVERY genius uses. (This one might surprise you!)
How You Can Learn ANY Skill in Just SIX SIMPLE STEPS!
Exactly what music REALLY makes you SMART! – Discover how the power of sound can influence your brain! (Hey -- don't presume it's just Mozart!)
6 SECRET STEPS for Persuading ANYONE to Give You Their FULL ATTENTION – Command the attention of ANYONE just by using this simple psychological trick!
How to Use HYPNOTIC LANGUAGE in Your Everyday Chat – Hypnotize people without even realizing it. Include a NIFTY TRICK involving the power of repetition, repetition, repetition!
Do “THIS” And Watch ANYONE DROP THEIR GUARD – Within just MINUTES of meeting you!
The "MIRRORING SECRET" - and how you should REALLY USE IT!
- How you can "copy" someone and make them do ANYTHING. Make sure you do this RIGHT however, or it could totally backfire. The guide shows you EVERYTHING!
The REAL SECRET Behind SPEED READING! - Blast through ENTIRE BOOKS in just minutes, using these tricks. (And no, these AREN'T the usual speed reading junk tips you'll find everywhere online!)
The ONE Thing You Can Own That Will INCREASE YOUR IQ – EVERY SINGLE DAY! - No, it’s NOT reading a dictionary! This one WILL surprise you.
It’s scientifically proven, too!
How to Use the OTHER 95% of Your BRAIN - 5% isn't good enough for you!
BRAIN HACK Cheat Sheets for ANY SITUATION – Lacking creativity? Want to solve a problem? Stuck in procrastination? Check out our CHEAT SHEETS for help!
The NINE LITTLE-KNOWN BOOKS You MUST READ - Want to SOUND intelligent at the next dinner party? Check out these NINE SECRET BOOKS. You'll be amazed!
50 INTERESTING FACTS That Your Friends DON'T KNOW – Simply throw these factoids into your next conversation and SPICE UP your chat!
The TRUTH Behind ADVANCED Accelerated Learning Techniques – Such as Photo Reading, Free Noting, New “Brainstorming” Methods & More!


Remember, this is the world’s ONLY course specifically designed to increase your intelligence – combining a mixture of mind improvement techniques AND sneaky real-world tricks to fool your friends!

And keep in mind that these are just SOME of the awesome techniques you’ll discover when you decide to check out “The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius!”

Eager to learn more?

“They should give you this book when you leave school! Amazing insights, fascinating tips and tricks. I used some of these and they totally expanded my thoughts. And I love the bluffing guides. I now know everything about Shakespeare, without having read a word!”

Brian Siver, La Jolla, CA, 92093
- huntsmans1***

Order Your Copy By MIDNIGHT, --
And Receive FREE Bonus Guides, Software & Audio MP3
PLUS: 100% FREE International Shipping!

So – Would YOU like to discover the ENTIRE COURSE?

Within just ONE DAY, you can unlock your GENIUS and TURBO-CHARGE your brain power.

I’m talking about uncovering techniques that will IMPRESS ANYONE. You’ll amaze your colleagues – and suddenly be able to use your skills to INFLUENCE anyone, even the opposite sex.

These secrets are PRICELESS. And remember – they are GENUINE SECRETS, and the vast majority are NOT PUBLISHED ANYWHERE ELSE.


For the first time EVER, we’ve reduced our special launch price of $99.95 right down to just $49.95 – if you purchase during the month of .

That’s LESS than the cost of one night in a flea-infested motel room – for a purchase that will almost CERTAINLY change your life in the most amazing way possible.

PLUS – Purchase BEFORE MIDNIGHT, , and we’re giving away FIVE FREE BONUSES!

UPDATE: As part of our special promotion, we’re giving away FIVE FREE BONUSES to the first 100 customers...


Purchase before midnight TODAY to claim the following FREEBIES...

FREE Mind Mapping Software –

Spark your creativity and unlock your inner genius, using the power of Mind Maps. Use this software in conjunction with the advice inside “The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius” – for EXPLOSIVE, GENIUS ACTION!! For Windows & Macs.
FREE “Genius Swapping Heads” MP3 –

Want to instantly get inside the head of your favourite genius? Simply sit back, slip on your headphones, and listen to this exclusive meditation session. Inspirational!
FREE Bluffer’s Guide to Shakespeare –

Don’t know your Hamlet from your Othello? Don’t just survive – BLOSSOM in any conversation about Shakespeare! Our bonus Bluffer’s Guide gives you the plays, plain English descriptions – and even quotes. Become an instant genius!
FREE Bluffer’s Guide to Great Writers –

From Geoffrey Chaucer to Samuel Beckett, get the quick facts on the big names of English literature. Figure out what they’re famous for – and which ones you should talk about!
FREE Bluffer’s Guide to Classical Music –

What’s the difference between Timpani and Percussion? And who was the earliest classical composer? Do you prefer Beethoven or Gluck? This Bluffer’s Guide gives you the lowdown.



The course contains literally TOO MANY EXTRAS to list here – BUT we’re ALSO including a guide to the world’s top geniuses, countries and their capitals, our quick introduction to the solar system, the elements in the periodic table – and MORE. All useful stuff for ANY genius to soak up. Especially when you follow our special memory techniques!

You can take advantage of ALL of these fantastic freebies – BUT only when you purchase before MIDNIGHT, TONIGHT!


As a special thanks for your custom, we’re currently providing FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & HANDLING on all orders – no matter WHERE you live in the world!

That means you’ll receive the ENTIRE COURSE, along with ALL of the software, bonus guides and audio –- all crammed onto one MP3 -- shipped DIRECT to your doorstep – for JUST $49.95!!


Take advantage NOW – click on this button to purchase:

Click HERE to order your copy of Genius Mindset - TODAY!

Course delivered on data & audio MP3. Guide is in PDF format, for Windows or Mac computers.

“This really is the ultimate self-development guide. Once I started reading the course manual, I just couldn't stop. I read it to the end on my PC, then printed it out and read it all over again, making copious notes as I went.

"As a psychology graduate I was familiar with a few of these techniques, but others were a revelation to me. I've already used several of the creativity boosters to help me through a sticky patch in a book I'm writing, and plan to use the techniques in 'The Persuasion Equation' to get a discount on my new car!”

Nick Daws, best-selling author of 40+ books


PLUS: Discover Our 100% "WOW!" Guarantee!
If You're Not THRILLED, Return It for a FULL REFUND!

So, you want to develop your genius mindset – but don’t want to risk fifty bucks?

Then LOOK AT THIS 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

I’ve worked long and hard to produce “The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius”.

I know that it’s the BEST POSSIBLE COURSE available for raising your IQ, impressing your friends, and soaking up knowledge like a sponge!

That’s why I promise that if you’re NOT absolutely 100% THRILLED with your purchase – then you can simply return it for a refund of your FULL PURCHASE PRICE (minus original S&H).

There are NO questions asked, and NO forms to fill out.

Just try out the course RISK-FREE for at least three months. If you're not absolutely convinced it's worth TEN TIMES it's value, return it within a year to claim your FULL REFUND!

Oh – and you know something?


This Guarantee is OFFICIALLY Backed By the Self Development Network.
That means even if I disappear from the face of the planet,
the Self Development Network will still honor your refund request.


So, try it out. I GUARANTEE you’ll be absolutely in awe.

Tap into your GENIUS, unlock the SECRETS that will ensure you are ADMIRED, and discover the TRICKS that will make you the LIFE & SOUL of EVERY PARTY!

Take advantage NOW!


Click on this button NOW and grab your copy – TODAY!


Click HERE to order your copy of Genius Mindset - TODAY!

Course delivered on data & audio MP3. Guide is in PDF format, for Windows or Mac computers.



Everyone could benefit from a little more intelligence...

And with the entire “Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius” course, you can tap into the VERY LATEST brain power methods (and quick cheats!) – to ensure you’re operating at PEAK PERFORMANCE, all of the time!

So, if you’ve EVER sat alone at a party – and wondered what it might be like if you had just a little more intelligence... more charisma... more knowledge... more persuasion...

Or if you’ve EVER sat in a business meeting – and wondered what it might be like if you had just a little more math skill... more powerful words in your vocabulary... more education... more creativity... more memory skills...

- Then YOU need to discover “The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius!”

Impress your friends. Persuade people.

Make a GREAT impression – first time, every time.

Become super intelligent.

All by grabbing YOUR COPY... TODAY!


Click HERE to order your copy of Genius Mindset - TODAY!

Course delivered on data & audio MP3. Guide is in PDF format, for Windows or Mac computers.


Thanks for stopping by my site today!

Best wishes,

Michael Masterman
Michael Masterman— CEO,
Author, “The Speed Reading Secret” & “Hypnosis Coach
Part of the Self Development Network.


PS. REMEMBER – You CANNOT LOSE with my 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not absolutely “WOW!!!!!” just return the whole course after trying it RISK-FREE for THREE MONTHS – and you’ll get every penny back. What do you have to lose? Try it out, TODAY!

PPS. This course is COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE. Seriously. That means you CANNOT BUY “The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius” ANYWHERE ELSE. In fact – I’ve never even seen anything remotely similar on the market. So grab YOUR copy TODAY!

PPPS. How will YOU look to other people – at the NEXT PARTY? Witty, intelligent and charismatic? Or just... average? Enjoy the freedom of choosing for yourself – after you’ve grabbed YOUR copy of “The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius!” Click HERE to purchase NOW!

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